Mariposa Press was founded in 1981 as Mariposa Productions by Don Guest whose films and screenplays include Paris, Texas, The Last Picture Show, Zabriskie Point, and Way of the Peaceful Warrior with the Mariposa Press imprint beginning in 1999. Beginning with representing children's books in France, Mariposa has evolved into one of the premier English language book experts in France.


Publisher Laurie Blum Guest had previously worked in New York with Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, and Henry Holt. She also created her own series of books with 63 titles which sold several million copies and has been a frequent guest commentator on CNN television. 

After a stint working with a major British publishing house she took over Mariposa Press. Mme Guest has been a featured speaker with the French publisher's association ( BIEF), has received support from the American Embassy in Paris, as well as has been featured and profiled in numerous publications including Le Figaro Littéraire.



“A wonderful book” - The Guardian

A Little Owl Called Hooty

Hooty is flying worldwide…

Kandide – The Secret of the Mists

by Diana S. Zimmerman

Over 75,000 copies sold to date as well as a featured title of Scholastic Book Clubs.

Created by Michelle Staubach Grimes & Illustrated by Bill Deore

Where is Pidge?

A Kirkus Indie Book of the Month Selection: "A funny story, a reassuring message, and a clever, creative design; highly recommended”.

Caldecott Medal winner Paul Goble from World Wisdom Press

Custer's Last Battle

All Our Relatives


The French Market: France Sees 2015 Rise in Book Sales

The Bookseller 12 January 2016

Book sales in France rose in 2015 after five years in decline, despite the impact of the January and November terrorist attacks in Paris.

Publishers’ sales increased by an estimated 1.5% to 2.0% between 2014 and 2015, Vincent Montagne, president of the French Publishers Association (Syndicat National de l’Edition, SNE) and c.e.o. of Media Participations, told a New Year reception earlier this month. Prospects for this year are promising, he added.

Novels rose 5.5% last year, comic books and manga 2.5%, or 8% if the ever-popular Asterix is included, and paperbacks 1%, he added, confirming figures published by ActuaLitté.

Independent booksellers fared better than the average. Their turnover rose by 2.7% in 2015, the French Booksellers Association (Syndicat de la Librairie Française, SLF) said. Comic books rose by 12.6%, practical books 5.2%, and literature and children’s books by 3.6%.

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Salon du Livre Paris : American Ambitions

Thierry Clermont, Le Figaro Littéraire

For the first time in almost twenty years, the United States will have a booth at the Salon du Livre de Paris. The goal: to soon become the guest of honor.

Event. The United States will be back at the Salon du Livre de Paris thanks to Mariposa Press’ initiative and with backing from the American Embassy. A star-spangled booth will host seventeen publishers and six American authors. Among the publishers expected to participate are Highlights for Children International, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Glitterati, Solution Tree, Calliope, Historic New Orleans Collection, Dreamspinner, The Mother Company, Books of the Tundra, Bronwen Publishing. According to Laurie Blum Guest, who founded Mariposa Press after having worked at Simon & Shuster and Harper Collins, “this effort will encourage larger publishing houses as well as well-known American authors to think of the French market as a viable market for their international distribution as well as presence.” But it’s no secret that the true goal of this effort is to make the United States the guest of honor of the Salon in the near future, as was the case in 1996.

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I think Laurie is an exceptional writer herself! She has a very deep grasp of what my book is about. Bravo to her

– Sherrie McGraw
The Language of Drawing
Bright Light Publishing

For me, it was pure luck that my agent, Laurie Blum Guest of Mariposa Press found me! Laurie guided me through the rapidly changing world of publishing, helping me understand the numerous options and related decisions that must be made before getting a book to print...and even more important selling my books. I say a special prayer every night for sending her my way.

– Sue Walls
Exploring Wildlife

I am so happy with the new edition of Raising Lucy...the book, Laurie Blum Guest from Mariposa Press...

– Carol Muzik
Raising Lucy



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